Casino Antics

It’s important to have fun whatever you do, and in gambling, you should always maintain a light heart and a hearty laugh whether you win or lose:

After all, winning is an attitude and a habit. The biggest sign of a true winner is having a laugh and losing graciously. casinoantics

Oscar Wilde said that ‘one should always play fairly when one has the winning cards’, but whatever cards you have, always take the game with a pinch of salt.

Casinos are a perfect source of fun because they provide some great opportunities for people-watching: if you’re taking it easy enjoying your free drink between games, now is the time to take stock of your surroundings. You’ll see the great winners, the bad losers and the myriad strange and surprising rituals people perform to draw in a bit of luck. There’s nothing like a casino to attract superstition.  There are the grim, serious players, who never show emotion even when they are winning in the thousands and never let slip their concentration.  Then there are the chatty ones, who’ll tell anecdotes and even ask fellow players for advice. You’ll get to see a wide and memorable scope of human emotion all played out before your very eyes (and sometimes caught on camera!). Add in the fact that casinos are frequented by people from all kinds of backgrounds, often stood together at the same little tables (waiting for their luck to turn or hoping that it won’t), and it’s much better than anything you’re likely to see on television!