10 Craziest Casino Stories

stackobillsEveryone walks into a casino in the hopes of walking out a winner. It’s what makes casinos so exhilarating – tensions and excitement run high as people wait to see if they’ve been visited by lady luck.  It’s inevitable that this atmosphere should produce some strange and funny stories.

We’ll look at some great jackpots, unbelievable wins and highly- entertaining casino heists. From the MIT Blackjack team to the employee who just walked out with the money:  learn the casino secrets that casinos wouldn’t want you to know.

1.       Pro Poker players are known for unusual casino antics, from funny stage names to bizarre intimidation tactics. These have just got greater with the rise of celebrity and televised Poker. Are they all juts a huge publicity stunts? There are lucky charms, lucky clothes, and even lucky rituals. Poker players love huge hats and sunglasses indoors!  Every Poker tournament is a study in fashion emergencies.

2.       If you want a big casino win, you can’t do much better than Charlie Wells, famously the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo in 1892 (and had films, books and musicals made about him). After sitting at the Roulette Table for a straight 11 hours, he won 1,000,000!

3.     You know that people will bet on just about anything: some of the weirdest casino games out there include SPAM-themed slot machines, Gerbil roulette (rodents pick where to go) and a game of tic-tac-toe, where you have to play against a real chicken named Ginger.

4.     Forget Lara Croft and pictures of bells and fruit: in Japan, you get Slot machines with pictures of Japan’s most wanted criminals!

5.     Ashley Revell of the UK made a huge gamble when he sold every one of his possessions for $135,000 and then went to Vegas and placed it all on the number 7 (the famous lucky number!). He won and went home with double the money! This was his first and only bet.

6.     Archie Karas, on the other hand, went in the opposite direction! He drove to Vegas with $50 in his pocket, won $40,000,000 by making some very dramatic and chancy bets…and then lost it all – definitely the stuff Vegas history is made of.

7.     So how much can a jackpot be worth? The biggest progressive jackpot in the world, the Megabucks Progressive Slot, is known for rising to be over $30,000,000 – it was launched in 1989 and has only seen a few wins: twice by the same person!

8.    In a casino heist worthy of the silver screen, an unknown person, purportedly a VIP player, stole $33,000,000 from Australia’s The Crown Casino, by having surveillance footage info fed to him  by an accomplice via an earpiece.

9.    One of the most famous instances of a heist besting the casino is that by the MIT Blackjack team, a team of students and professors, who joined forces to work out strategies, count cards and win millions of dollars – they remain an inspiration to card counters everywhere. Now, online blackjack Australia is far more popular than playing blackjack in land-based casinos!

10.   And that’s not the only time students have teamed up to beat the bank. This one is much more of a fail. In the 1970s, two University of California students came up with computerised shoe gadgets to beat the roulette wheel – one wore the gadget, which would disrupt the roulette wheel and the other would get electronic signals and use them to make a bet. They were doing great for a few months until they were caught out. Furthermore, the electric shocks cost the hapless cheaters extra in singed shoes and burned their socks.

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