Sheer What?

Sheer Idiocy is all about looking on the bright side of life. It’s about knowing that, whether you’re winning or losing, you should always be able to have a laugh. It’s because we love both gambling and a good old fashioned laugh so much that we want to share all the fun with our readers. And we have collected a lot of fun: from funny gambling facts, and hair-raising casino heists (the kind that were forever immortalised in casino history) to the best and most inspiring wins the casino world has ever seen. This is a place to relax, sit back and enjoy the funny side of gambling. After all, casinos are all about being larger-than-life and devil-may-care! Please visit games online and make money.

The crowded casino floor is also a great source of amusement for the sharp-eyed observer – there are lots of extreme reactions or lack of any reaction at all, there are accidents, spectacular wins and slip-ups that make casino people-watching a real sport. And we’d like to share all the fun. The casino clic website offers casino jokes, funny videos and genuine stories, preserved forever on the internet.

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Please come back regularly, because we will keep updating and growing our data base of the funniest casino situations on the internet.

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