Funny casino videos

Funny videos are always a great way to unwind, and after all they’re what the internet is for. Because Sheer Idiocy is a site dedicated to hilarious gambling antics, we’re all about sharing the funny vids with the world. And there are loads to share, so check back regularly to see what new gems we have on offer. Make extra money by visiting  online casinos and gamble.

1. What would the internet be without cats? Here is a kitty who takes Roulette very seriously indeed!  In fact, if you venture past the Roulette section of a casino, you can see humans twitch in the direction of the Roulette table too.

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 2. And this one is of a flash mob in Resorts Casino and Hotel in Atlantic City, USA. Flash mobs are a huge internet meme, so it’s inevitable that there should be lots of casino editions!  Birthday  casino flash mobs are a particularly funny phenomenon. It’s even better when they don’t quite work out.  There are some great confused, weirded-out and truly awkward expressions on the people trying to eat at this casino buffet!

3. If you missed out on the whole Harlem shake phenomenon, you must have spent the last few months living as a hermit. It was internet comedy gold for quite a while and we still think it’s hilarious. Naturally, almost every casino has their own.  This one came with its very own giant penguin.

This just goes to show that funny things can happen anywhere from the most expensive casino resorts to the kind of places that (according to David Letterman) have free buffets with all-you-can-eat lemon wedges.