The Value Of Basic Blackjack Strategy

There are many reasons why more people don’t win at a casino.

The first is a lack of knowledge of the best strategies and techniques in games where strategy and skill can play a key role in winning.

It’s always a good idea to study up on strategy before you play and to distinguish between real strategy and bogus advice. Basic Blackjack strategy is easy to memorise and provides a solid foundation for any game of Blackjack. It helps lower the house edge to below 1%.

Some don’t bother or don’t know about this strategy, and others believe that they are not smart or mathematical enough to be able to maintain a count. However, memorising strategy is just that – memorisation and practise and it does not require any mathematical genius from the player.

After all, you dstrategystrategyon’t have to invent strategies – just follow existing ones. Nor do you have to be a professional gambler to need strategy: everyone could do with regaining a bit of edge and increasing their chances of winning. Nor is it true that you have to memories pages of complicated strategy tables. For most players, a simple knowledge of basic strategy could make a very big difference.