Re-Launch of Online Gambling Sites River Belle and Mummy’s Gold

River Belle and Mummy’s Gold have furbished their design and outlook

In the competitive world of online gambling where casinos have to struggle to retain local and international players. To retain competitive edge, two popular online sites River Belle and Mummy’s Gold have furbished their design and outlook with exciting graphics and re-launched themselves. The sites now have simple and quick menus on their home page making it easy for players to browse through and search for options of their choice. Since both casinos are technically supported by Microgaming Software they have been simultaneously provided with two new games to make the collection exciting for new players. Please visit online online craps and make money.


Improved features of River Belle and Mummy’s Gold

The beautiful new River Belle is now themed with a gentle riverboat cruising downriver at sunset and is made in a combination of black and gold making it easy for readers to browse through the menu and information that is given on the main page. The jackpot bar is constantly updated with details about progressive slot values of the casino. Currently there is a Mega Moolah on the home page of River Belle with progressive jackpot valued at $ 8.6 million. Mummy’s gold impresses players with its home page that displays a starlit night in the desert that is designed with purple background. The progressive jackpot on this site is an impressive sum of $8.3 million.


Details of new games on the sites

Lucky Leprechaun – This slot is inspired by Irish folklore of leprechaun and has been designed for St. Paddy’s Day with 5 reels and 20 paylines. The Lucky Leprechaun features slots with black beer, rainbows, shamrocks, gold pots and also a happy leprechaun that dances around the slots. Along with stacked wilds and free spins it offers jackpot of 125,000 coins.

Golden Princess – This takes players to an Aztec temple where princess is seated on a throne with pumas and leopards as companions. It offers 30 free spins for players to try their luck with 5 reels and 25 paylines that can help get bonus.

Online Casino Game Offerings

Traditional casino attractions such as keno, baccarat and poker have entertained hundreds of millions, and their net cousins are just as amusing. This article will give a brief summary on why this is a worthy and profitable bandwagon to jump on. You’ll definitely prize the ease and convenience combined with the variety and fun! If the weather is deteriorating outside or if you’ve had a busy day at work, it can be so much more satisfying to power up your computer and enjoy a virtual casino experience.

You can select any game you want, when you want it, and can make yourself food in between rounds. At the end of the day, why go through all that hassle of waiting for a spot or putting up with other people when you just want some time to yourself? Despite the quantity of data being processed, AU can easily host more card games, roulette tables, slot machines and other gambling opportunities than their real-life cousins.

You’re meant to be enjoying yourself, so cut out all the redundant information and get down to brass tacks. In a normal casino you’re one of many trying to win big, so why not simply steer clear of the headache and make your investment really count? The description casino advisor is slightly misnamed as you only really need to be online in order to download it. This can make less computer literate users apprehensive, but it’s usually a huge benefit for you as well. For ease of use you will not need a browser window open nor will you be dependent upon the availability website.

All the games are extremely interactive but, of course, will be dependent upon what sort of computer you own. If something malfunctions or you have a query, a support number and/or e-mail address will be provided. Online casinos haven’t replaced brick and mortar establishments but they are definitely in demand. Best of all, there’s really nothing complex about them. As soon as it has been downloaded, all you have to do is find your preferred games, kick back and unwind.

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Keno Gambling Comes to Friend

KenoThe voters of Friend have approved a ruling to bring Keno gambling to their town last week and are keen to use the funds for community development. The town located 46 miles south west of Saline County voted 87 percent in favour of the proposal which was put up by Sidewaze Sports Bar and Grill. The Saline County Clerk who also serves as election commissioner of Friend stated that the local council put the proposal on ballot for November which was approved by and overwhelming majority. Please visit casino games and make money.

Friend Mayor Jim Vossler has stated that tax funds from Keno would be used for making improvements within the community like roads and parks. Keno gambling is popular in small towns as it will meet people’s desire for gambling and also curb them from going overboard with the habit.


Why keno is popular?

The City Council of Friend decided to listen to demand of locals as they had been demanding Keno for a long time and its popularity has been growing due to recent jackpot prizes to people from humble backgrounds across the nation. Keno tournaments are held across casinos in the nation at different times of the year to enable more people to win money and bring happiness into their lives. The game is pretty simple as players have to only select 20 numbers which they consider lucky. If it matches with numbers in the automatic balls draw which happens at the keno booth then the person is given the prize.


Keno millionaires

Several people within the USA have been lucky to win the Keno million and within October 2014 itself there were three winners leading to people buying these tickets with growing frenzy to their luck. While Reljko Ranogajec of Australia became something of a celebrity with his wins at Keno he is also a blackjack player which brings down his celebrity status before simple pensioner like Kenedi, a migrant from Macedonia who is the latest winner of Keno’s 2 million jackpot at Melbourne. To make it attractive to players in some locations the Keno management has reduced the odds to 10 spot, 9 spot and 8 spot game wherein players with first matching 8, 9 and 10 numbers which are picked out of the automatic ball draw win varied amounts.


E.U. Commission Initiates Legal Proceedings over Swedish Online Gambling Laws

Swedish online gambling lawsThe European Commission began legal action against Sweden earlier this month in response to the nation’s failure to adjust its online betting and poker laws to satisfy the E.U. law on free movement of services. Two separate cases pertaining to the nation’s restriction of licensure to domestic and state-owned operators have been referred to the highest courts of the European Union.

Under E.U. laws, member states retain the right to regulate cross-border gambling operations in some ways as a means to combat addiction and crime, but the commission argues that the application of these rules in Sweden has been inconsistent and that the service provided by the exclusive provider has been poorly overseen and managed.

Sweden has tacitly admitted to its failures in this arena, suggesting that the problem lay more in finding a resolution than in a disagreement over the existence of the failure. The Swedish government has stated that it intends to “speed up the work that has been carried out for a long time in order to find a licensing system that could be introduced in Sweden.”

The commission’s action, however, is considered by many a long time in coming. Sweden was first asked to adjust its laws in compliance with E.U. rules in 2007 and has been warned repeatedly since then. This action by the European Commission marks the first time a member state has been taken to court over gambling laws, a move lauded by the European Gaming and Betting Association as a “breakthrough decision.”

Foreign gambling institutions will no doubt be eagerly watching the situation as it develops in Sweden. A major change in licensure will not only represent a single opportunity as the doors to the Swedish market open but the possibility for further adjustments to gambling laws in member states of the U.K.


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You get a welcome bonus of up to €200, which is a 100 per cent one, as you start to choose from the games which have all been slotted into a variety of categories. The categories make it easy for you to start, because you have a whopping 250 and more games to choose from!

Enhanced gaming experience

Your gaming experience begins as you choose from the menu screen which has an intuitive feature and navigate to your favourite game. There is great audio and nice detailing in the backdrop to make the gaming an enriching experience for you. The demos of the games on offer, such as the slot machine one like Bust the Bank, are by themselves fascinating and you are bound to try them out. The casino has modern games with great graphics and excellent audio. The high-definition images are ideal for all screen sizes.

Customer support

SinCity Casino also has a 24/7 client service in four languages, and specialists will answer your queries if you call a toll-free line. Creating an account is hassle-free and you would only need to make a deposit of money. There is also a ‘Play for Free’ option for those who want to discover online gaming.

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Celebrity Betting: Royal Baby Number Two Set to Draw Massive Bets


bettingNews that Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting their second baby is only a few days old. However, it has not taken gambling websites very long to set up odds for different categories in relation to this royal baby. The bets normally center on the gender of the baby, the name given to the child, whether or not Middleton will be expecting twins and the weight of the baby when it is born. Here is a detailed look at those betting lines and odds.

The odds for whether the baby is a boy or a girl are both the same. Betting sites are offering 20/21 odds on the baby being a boy or a girl. Unless you have some inside knowledge about the baby’s gender (which is highly unlikely) it would make no sense to bet on this line. The odds are unappealing and the chances of it being a boy or a girl are 50-50.

A more interesting betting line is the baby’s name. Right now, there are a few names out in front with the bookies. Elizabeth, James and Victoria have been priced at 10/1. Arthur, Catherine, Charles, and Phillip are 12/1. With Charles and Phillip being names of men in the current royal family, they seem fair possibilities for a royal baby name. Elizabeth is a very popular name among British royals as well.

Further down the list are Alexandra, Alice, and William at 14/1. With Prince William being the father, that seems an unlikely choice for this royal baby. Diana, Henry and Mary are at 16/1. Diana would be a fitting name should the baby be a girl, with it being the name of Prince William’s late mother. Odds of 16/1 are appealing for Diana.

Long odds are available for the names Albert, Isabella, Richard, Wilfred, Elliot, Frances and Francis. These names are less common among royals, but they are still a possibility. Andrew, Frederick and Oliver are the longest odds with bookies at 40/1.

There are odds of 20/1 on Will and Kate expecting twins from this birth. In addition, odds of 20/23 are available on the baby being either 7lbs and 10z or less, or more than 8 lbs. Similar to the gender bet, it does not make sense to place money on the baby’s weight with both odds being unappealing.

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EU Takes Position on Online Gambling


With the proliferation of online gambling throughout many parts of Europe, the European Union (EU) has indicated its intention to seek rules and guidelines designed to protect its citizens. It appears they would also like to establish some type of regulation conformity, which would certainly make online gambling easier to regulate.Online Gambling

Gambling in Europe
The EU’s call to action comes on the heels of 2012 study on online gambling sites that offer poker, casinos and sports books. In that study, it was determined that as many as 7,000,000 Europeans have participated in online gambling. That would amount to about 45% of the current online gambling market, or an estimated €24 billion per year in revenues. The current trends in online gambling point to a continuation of current expansion levels.

At Issue
There are two primary issues that are of concern to EU officials; the protection of minors, and the general lack of consistency between member nations that have have developed their own set of regulations. First, many online sites are operating without proper measures in place to prevent minors (under 18 years of age) from signing up and gambling. Secondly, the EU recognizes that regulations imposed by nations are less effective when the thing they are regulating (online gambling) has no formal boundaries.

Proposed Actions
The EU has issued recommendations on four different items they would like to address.

  • Extensive registration procedures designed to deter minors
  • Clearer warnings about the dangers of problem gambling
  • Easily accessible information for individuals who may have a gambling problem
  • Rules designed to prevent fraudulent or misleading advertising

In the coming months, the EU is expecting to receive assistance from the its “Expert Group on Gambling” in coordinating information gathering and sharing efforts amongst member nations. They also expect to receive very little resistance from the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA), which fully supports the concepts being considered by the EU’s commission.

Ben Affleck Caught Counting Cards – Holy Future Batman!

Ben Affleck is one of Hollywood’s biggest and most favourite stars, but unfortunately for him, what happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas. The Batman star was recently barred from playing Blackjack at Hard Rock Casino in Vegas after he was accused of counting cards. Please visit online slots and make money.

Affleck was reported to have been asked to stop playing immediately. Although the act of counting cards is not illegal, is certainly frowned upon in most high end casinos.Card Counting


Booted from blackjack

According to initial reports, Ben was supposedly prohibited from entering the premium casino premises after he was busted trying to cheat. Hard Rock Casino later released a new statement claiming that he was not banned from their property, and is welcome any time.

The statement, however, failed to mention if Ben would be allowed to play at their Blackjack tables.


Caught on the count

Security guards at Hard Rock Casino reportedly noticed Ben using the basic technique of blackjack card counting. He had been using his chip stack to keep a count of cards played, and moved his bet accordingly.


This not being his first attempt at card counting, Ben was previously spotted displaying his blackjack counting skills at Wynn Resorts in Vegas. According to Radar Online, Games Protection Manager at Rob Olivetti had sent an email stating that the actor had been warned about being ‘too obvious moving his money with the count.’ Ben was spotted spreading $100 – $10 thousand on the double decks and $0 – $20 thousand on the shoe games, according to Olivetti.


Prior history

Fond of gambling, Affleck is known to have won $800,000 playing blackjack at Hard Rock Casino at the high rollers table. According to TMZ, he won three $20,000 blackjack hands in a row at one of the games.




John Hartson Fights A Gambling Addiction Harder To Overcome Than Cancer


Sports players receive media attention for a plethora of reasons. Whether they’re in the news because of big wins, celebrity scandals, or heartbreaking losses, everyone tends to know their names. One such athlete, John Hartson, the former Cetlic Football player, has been making the news a lot lately. However, his name isn’t in the news for his sports performances, but for some plays he’s made off the field recently.

The former athlete has been battling testicular cancer. While that’s certainly a difficult battle that has made headlines all across the world, his real battle is with a gambling addiction. He suffers from an unquenchable desire to bet.Gambling Addiction

With many celebrities, these types of topics are off limits for interviews, or at the very least, are spoken of in very subtle ways. While problem gambling is a topic that we discuss more and more as a society, it’s not something we expect high profile personalities to openly claim as a part of their life. But that’s just what Hartson did when he candidly talked about the fact that he has a very serious addiction to gambling that could ruin his life.

As a survivor, Hartson knows what’s important to him in life. He understands how stressful high stakes can be, and has even acknowledged that continuing to gamble could result in financial ruin capable of ending his life should he become unable to afford his medical treatments. It’s also an addiction that could ruin his life in other ways, though. The family man has a beautiful wife and children, whom he loves very much. He has, however, admitted that the gambling addiction he fights could easily cause an unfixable rift in his marriage.

Right now he’s on the road to recovery as both a gambling addict and a cancer survivor. He says he’s attending Gambler’s Anonymous meetings on a regular basis, and with the public attention he’s bringing to this issue, he’s able to stop trying to hide his problem from himself. We as a society look to athletes as role models, and Hartson’s strong actions toward ridding himself of a gambling addiction are admirable and potentially inspirational to others in the same problem gambling position as he was in, not so long ago.

Bookmakers Retailate over FOBT Taxes


gambling taxesFBOTs are supposedly addictive gambling machines that the United Kingdom’s government has been worried about for years. They are finally at a stage where serious action will be taken, in the form of regulations and taxes. There is plenty of concern among bookmakers, but they have decided to change from defence to offense in recent weeks. Instead of waiting it out and hoping for a lenient set of rules from the government, they have begun scare mongering.

A petition has gone out, created by the ABA (Association of British Bookmakers), which states that “10,000 jobs and 2,300 gambling shops are at risk” if the government’s new laws are passed in the coming months. While a petition like this would normally not be a problem, its obvious scare mongering tactics are worrying government officials. Many gambling shops in the poorer cities and towns of England are using persuasive techniques to get their customers to sign these petitions, in order to show that a majority of gamblers are not in favor of any regulation.

If there were any truth in the statements of these petitions, there would be no issue. However, most of the claims are 100% false. The government is not trying to shut down any shops or cause a mass clear out of FOBT machines. All they want is for regulations to be put in place that control the amount of time people spend on those machines.

The petition talks about how gamblers are being controlled by a nanny state, how their basic wishes and desires are being blocked by a government overstepping its mark. “Punters have a right to bet” and “human rights” are the types of sentences being used, with many gamblers scared that they will no longer be able to get their daily or weekly FOBT fix.

It is up to politicians up and down the country to assure gamblers that their fight is not with the average British citizen, but with the uber-rich gambling companies that take advantage of their betting habits.

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