Spanish Senator Praises Resources Gambling Profits Can Provide

lottogamesDr. Dhanayshar Mahabir, an Independent member of the Senate spoke out in Port of Spain during the 2013-2014 budget debate, stating that the Spanish government should be using profits earned through the National Lotteries Control Board to help the impoverished.According to Mahabir, gambling laws need to be regulated so that the gambling profits are accessible by the Minister of Finance to be used for that particular ministry.

Mahabir states that the government should commit to using the gambling profits to help people in need, as poor people make up the largest percentage of citizens who gamble. Because of this, Mahabir feels the money should be spent on developing less fortunate communities.

The independent Senator continued by calling the government to action on issues such as creating a “more equitable society” through direct assistance such as grants, financial aid, child care facilities, and other programmes that will make life simply more manageable for those in need.

Mahabir brought up the popularity of lottery games within poor communities, stating that these games are the type that the average person could feasibly win, including such games as Play Whe which the government makes a good $12 profit per play. Profit is guaranteed for the government as “in state-sponsored gambling the house never loses.”

Apart from calling the government to action on supporting less fortunate communities, Mahabir stated that he wants to see exactly how much the government earns through lotteries and gambling. The Senator wants to hear from the Minister of Finance in the next budget hearing regarding how much revenue he has brought in from casinos, lotteries, and other means of gambling. Only once real numbers are brought to the table can the government figure out how much money can be spent on programmes for social assistance.

When faced with opposition, Mahabir argued at the hearing that the important resources earned by the government through gambling citizens may be able to turn the housing market around so that people can afford to be homeowners rather than property renters. If spent properly, these profits can change many aspects of life for the better, for many people throughout Spain.

The budget debate is set to continue the last week of September.

Lotto Winnings Changing UK Lives Forever

It is always wonderful to see how winning the lotto can change bring about positive change in the lives of the winning individuals.

Retired Scotland Couple Gets To Live Easy Through Golden Years

A retired Alloa couple rejoiced when they realized they won £986 after choosing five correct numbers in a Saturday Lotto Draw. After their son double checked their winning ticket, their happiness turned into absolute awe. The couple had in fact hit the jackpot with a massive prize amount of £1,138,746!

lottocoupleJames Paterson, a retired taxi driver, and his wife Catherine, a retired school cleaner shared the over £ 1-million jackpot with two other winners. The Clackmannanshire town couple are carefully considering their options when it comes to spending their winnings. After struggling with bouts of bad health while trying to survive on an income made up of two pensions, the Patersons are looking forward to living a little bit easier, free from the worries and burdens of tight finances.

Perhaps a Seychelles holiday is on the list of things to do, or buying presents for their children and grand-children. Regardless of the spending decisions the Patersons make, many things are possible after their life changing lotto win.

Mystery Lady In Devon Has Big Lotto Winnings Waiting

A woman in Devon could also see her life change for the better thanks to a lotto win; that is, if anyone could figure out who she is. She is a multimillionaire hasn’t the slightest clue of her good luck, as she played the lotto online using only a partially identifying “name.”

On 10 August’s Saturday Drawing through The National Lottery, the woman from Devon known only as “Ms. C.,” won £3,105,356 after she matched all six lottery numbers, without having to touch a ticket.

As technology has improved, online lottery playing has become increasingly popular. Since people have little to no spare time, the convenience of picking numbers and playing the lotto with a mere click of the mouse- or touch of the screen – is ideal for many modern lotto players.

One of the perks of interactive online play is the ability to remain anonymous, so the entire world is not alerted that you have come into a large sum of winnings. However, players can use their full names, or a partially identifying moniker. Sadly in the case of Ms. C., the partial name is making it very difficult to track her down, or to alert her that she is now a multimillionaire.

Do you know who Ms. C may be?

The Value Of Basic Blackjack Strategy

There are many reasons why more people don’t win at a casino.

The first is a lack of knowledge of the best strategies and techniques in games where strategy and skill can play a key role in winning.

It’s always a good idea to study up on strategy before you play and to distinguish between real strategy and bogus advice. Basic Blackjack strategy is easy to memorise and provides a solid foundation for any game of Blackjack. It helps lower the house edge to below 1%.

Some don’t bother or don’t know about this strategy, and others believe that they are not smart or mathematical enough to be able to maintain a count. However, memorising strategy is just that – memorisation and practise and it does not require any mathematical genius from the player.

After all, you dstrategystrategyon’t have to invent strategies – just follow existing ones. Nor do you have to be a professional gambler to need strategy: everyone could do with regaining a bit of edge and increasing their chances of winning. Nor is it true that you have to memories pages of complicated strategy tables. For most players, a simple knowledge of basic strategy could make a very big difference.

Video Slot Games

Video Slots are an ever-evolving market – new slots are released every month by companies like the award-winning Microgaming, and these games must feature the latest in graphics, sound, and in-game features. Table games need to simulate reality as closely as they can to provide players with the most realistic casino feel possible.

Old favourites are frequently refurbished, buffed-up and released packed full of these new features.  There’s a lot of pressure, because the games themselves can’t become any less enjoyable as the features get more intricate. The virtual casino world is constantly evolving and casinos have to stay one stop ahead of what the players will want next.

This is change is inevitable: with the huge role of video games in the modern world, casinos can’t afford to fall behind, and players expect more and more, no longer satisfied with the same fruit symbols, except as a retro novelty game. This makes the Casino world a very exciting place to work, with constant game launches and thinking up new features and ideas to entertain and amaze, there is never a dull moment.

The Greatest Casino Heists

Dramatic casino heists are the subject of numerous films and novels.

Oceans Eleven
Oceans Eleven

There’s the whole Ocean’s Eleven franchise, and that’s just to start. Their popularity is certainly a good indicator of the level of wish-fulfillment, because while luck is all well and good, people often contemplate outsmarting the system and walking away with millions using a more direct approach.

But could you ever pull off your very own casino heist? That’s rather unlikely.

Those films are meant to be fun entertainment, and while the plans may seem high-tech and clever, there are too many factors that simply wouldn’t work in real life.  Besides, the tech would be incredibly difficult and expensive to get and let’s be honest – if you’re researching this, you probably don’t have millions to spend on gadgets.

On the other hand, you could be a tech wizard like the University of California students who built a mini-computer, hidden in a shoe, to affect Roulette spins. But even they got caught and burned their socks.

The simplest casino heists work much better in real life, like the casino employee who simply walked out with a bag of chips and was never caught. But modern surveillance is hard to evade, and all in all it’s safe to assume that most of us have to stick to skill and luck.

Time For Little Casino Humour

If you’re going to start your own humour blog, it’s a good idea to always have lots of multimedia content. This way, you not only show up on a lot of different search sites, but you will have lots of different content for your readers – and readers love nothing more than exciting new content.

If you want to start a casino humour blog, you’re in luck. It just so happens that casinos provide loads of material just for that: expect eccentric players, dramatic Poker intimidation techniques and bluffs, huge unexpected wins at the turn of a wheel and all sorts of emotional outbursts.

Better yet, casinos have lots of cameras, and while patrons are not allowed to bring their own, the casinos themselves have all sorts of great material. Ignoring the usual rule about casino secrets they even release these sometimes.

Also, casinos have quickly caught on the value of internet fame and trending memes and have once again shown their fun side by participating in Gangnam-style videos, Harlem shake and flash mobs.

the-computer-demands-a-blogAnother great way to find loads of funny original stories is to encourage reader participation – after all the whole point is for everyone to share and laugh together. It’s a great way to build an online community.