Time For Little Casino Humour

If you’re going to start your own humour blog, it’s a good idea to always have lots of multimedia content. This way, you not only show up on a lot of different search sites, but you will have lots of different content for your readers – and readers love nothing more than exciting new content.

If you want to start a casino humour blog, you’re in luck. It just so happens that casinos provide loads of material just for that: expect eccentric players, dramatic Poker intimidation techniques and bluffs, huge unexpected wins at the turn of a wheel and all sorts of emotional outbursts.

Better yet, casinos have lots of cameras, and while patrons are not allowed to bring their own, the casinos themselves have all sorts of great material. Ignoring the usual rule about casino secrets they even release these sometimes.

Also, casinos have quickly caught on the value of internet fame and trending memes and have once again shown their fun side by participating in Gangnam-style videos, Harlem shake and flash mobs.

the-computer-demands-a-blogAnother great way to find loads of funny original stories is to encourage reader participation – after all the whole point is for everyone to share and laugh together. It’s a great way to build an online community.