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Keno Gambling Comes to Friend

KenoThe voters of Friend have approved a ruling to bring Keno gambling to their town last week and are keen to use the funds for community development. The town located 46 miles south west of Saline County voted 87 percent in favour of the proposal which was put up by Sidewaze Sports Bar and Grill. The Saline County Clerk who also serves as election commissioner of Friend stated that the local council put the proposal on ballot for November which was approved by and overwhelming majority. Please visit casino games and make money.

Friend Mayor Jim Vossler has stated that tax funds from Keno would be used for making improvements within the community like roads and parks. Keno gambling is popular in small towns as it will meet people’s desire for gambling and also curb them from going overboard with the habit.


Why keno is popular?

The City Council of Friend decided to listen to demand of locals as they had been demanding Keno for a long time and its popularity has been growing due to recent jackpot prizes to people from humble backgrounds across the nation. Keno tournaments are held across casinos in the nation at different times of the year to enable more people to win money and bring happiness into their lives. The game is pretty simple as players have to only select 20 numbers which they consider lucky. If it matches with numbers in the automatic balls draw which happens at the keno booth then the person is given the prize.


Keno millionaires

Several people within the USA have been lucky to win the Keno million and within October 2014 itself there were three winners leading to people buying these tickets with growing frenzy to their luck. While Reljko Ranogajec of Australia became something of a celebrity with his wins at Keno he is also a blackjack player which brings down his celebrity status before simple pensioner like Kenedi, a migrant from Macedonia who is the latest winner of Keno’s 2 million jackpot at Melbourne. To make it attractive to players in some locations the Keno management has reduced the odds to 10 spot, 9 spot and 8 spot game wherein players with first matching 8, 9 and 10 numbers which are picked out of the automatic ball draw win varied amounts.