Lotto Winnings Changing UK Lives Forever

It is always wonderful to see how winning the lotto can change bring about positive change in the lives of the winning individuals.

Retired Scotland Couple Gets To Live Easy Through Golden Years

A retired Alloa couple rejoiced when they realized they won £986 after choosing five correct numbers in a Saturday Lotto Draw. After their son double checked their winning ticket, their happiness turned into absolute awe. The couple had in fact hit the jackpot with a massive prize amount of £1,138,746!

lottocoupleJames Paterson, a retired taxi driver, and his wife Catherine, a retired school cleaner shared the over £ 1-million jackpot with two other winners. The Clackmannanshire town couple are carefully considering their options when it comes to spending their winnings. After struggling with bouts of bad health while trying to survive on an income made up of two pensions, the Patersons are looking forward to living a little bit easier, free from the worries and burdens of tight finances.

Perhaps a Seychelles holiday is on the list of things to do, or buying presents for their children and grand-children. Regardless of the spending decisions the Patersons make, many things are possible after their life changing lotto win.

Mystery Lady In Devon Has Big Lotto Winnings Waiting

A woman in Devon could also see her life change for the better thanks to a lotto win; that is, if anyone could figure out who she is. She is a multimillionaire hasn’t the slightest clue of her good luck, as she played the lotto online using only a partially identifying “name.”

On 10 August’s Saturday Drawing through The National Lottery, the woman from Devon known only as “Ms. C.,” won £3,105,356 after she matched all six lottery numbers, without having to touch a ticket.

As technology has improved, online lottery playing has become increasingly popular. Since people have little to no spare time, the convenience of picking numbers and playing the lotto with a mere click of the mouse- or touch of the screen – is ideal for many modern lotto players.

One of the perks of interactive online play is the ability to remain anonymous, so the entire world is not alerted that you have come into a large sum of winnings. However, players can use their full names, or a partially identifying moniker. Sadly in the case of Ms. C., the partial name is making it very difficult to track her down, or to alert her that she is now a multimillionaire.

Do you know who Ms. C may be?